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Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Crack 1001

It was released for the PC in 2001 and for the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube in 2002. The game was followed by its sequel, Medal of Honor: Frontline. While Medal of Honor: Allied Assault uses a modified version of EA's Command and Conquer: Red Alert engine, Allied Assault is a departure from Red Alert in many ways, such as its setting, gameplay and level design. It is also one of the few Medal of Honor games to not feature combat in a city environment. Contents The game's fictional setting is set in the early 21st century, in a future where the United States and its allies have succeeded in defeating the Soviet Union. The real-world events that led to this milestone, such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War and the start of the Gulf War, are played out in the game's storyline. Allied Assault allows the player to take control of Captain Jimmy Patterson, who is stationed at the French Atlantic Fleet Base and is given command of the French unit, the 8th Heavy Armor. The 8th Heavy Armor is tasked with repelling Russian invasion forces in response to an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that detected an attack force heading towards the Americas. The player learns that the invasion force includes nuclear-armed bombers and ground troops. The game features several gameplay modes. It can be played as a stand-alone story campaign, or as an online multi-player mode. Multiplayer mode allows the player to control one of several units (a rifleman, a tank, a jeep, an air unit, an artillery piece and an armored car) against the opposing teams. The objective is to destroy the enemy force in the designated area before they destroy your base. The game also has several online modes, including arcade, deathmatch, team deathmatch and co-op. Arcade mode offers 30-second battles against the AI, while deathmatch mode and team deathmatch has the player controlling a team of units against AI teams of four or five. The objective of team deathmatch and co-op is to survive against waves of attackers, while playing as a unit with teammates. The gameplay features a combination of "real-time strategy" and "third-person shooter" elements. The player must keep track of several different units at once, while the AI team members are also controlled by a computer. If the player-controlled unit is destroyed, then their teammates automatically take their place and fight alongside the player.

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